Matt graduated from university in 2016 and upon leaving he was still unsure on what career path to take, so he began a small window and gutter cleaning business just to provide an income for him and his young family whilst he decided what ‘proper job’ he was going to pursue.

It turned out Matt not only enjoyed having a cup of tea and chatting to his customers but he also loved providing a professional service to them. Listening to the past experiences and feedback of his customers it was obvious that there was a gap in the market for a professional exterior cleaning company, one that takes pride in their work, have insurance, uniformed staff and strive to exceed customers expectations.

At the time of writing this (almost 6 years on) Truclean has grown to have over 1,500 regular customers and a small team that regularly services their properties, as for Matt he’s given up on finding a ‘proper job’ and will continue to do his best in providing the best possible service for his customers.